Fear Itself

Tombstone Epitaph: Issue 02


Train Disaster
The train from El Paso, TX arrived yesterday, in part. All 21 confederate soldiers that were aboard and traveling to Tombstone to protect the town were found dead by Sheriff Johnny Behan. Later that night, the train car caught on fire. Neither Mortimer Lindquist nor Doc Lacy were able to discern the cause of death.

The funeral for those honorable men will be held this afternoon by Father William Carmichael.

Pierre Emmanuel, owner of the Bayou Vermillion Railroad Company issued a reward for anyone with information regarding the murder of these men and the destruction of his property.

Father and Sons Mourn Loss
Our own Newman Clanton mourns the loss of his son, Phineas. Phineas is also survived by his two brothers, Billy and Ike.

Local Obituaries:

Archibald Francis



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