Fear Itself

Tombstone Epitaph: Issue 04


Old Nugget Mine Collapses
Yesterday afternoon there were reports of a cave-in at the Old Nugget Mine. Virgil Earp, Morgan Earp, and Doc Holliday confirmed that a section collapsed. No one was inside the mine at the time and therefore, no one was hurt or killed. The mine had been a long-time property of Archibald Francis (deceased) and is now likely public domain.

Tombstone Epitaph: Issue 03


The Dead Have Risen
A supernatural event took place at the funeral for the Confederate soldiers. Five rose out of their coffins during the service and attacked attendants. Aia Nita, Wilson Sharpe, Shiro Toyotomi, Virgil Earp, Morgan Earp, and Doc Holliday helped Father William Carmichael dispatch with them. Unfortunately, Mayor John Clum was injured badly and 39 others were killed in the catastrophe.

Tombstone Epitaph: Issue 02


Train Disaster
The train from El Paso, TX arrived yesterday, in part. All 21 confederate soldiers that were aboard and traveling to Tombstone to protect the town were found dead by Sheriff Johnny Behan. Later that night, the train car caught on fire. Neither Mortimer Lindquist nor Doc Lacy were able to discern the cause of death.

The funeral for those honorable men will be held this afternoon by Father William Carmichael.

Pierre Emmanuel, owner of the Bayou Vermillion Railroad Company issued a reward for anyone with information regarding the murder of these men and the destruction of his property.

Father and Sons Mourn Loss
Our own Newman Clanton mourns the loss of his son, Phineas. Phineas is also survived by his two brothers, Billy and Ike.

Local Obituaries:

Archibald Francis

Tombstone Epitaph: Issue 01
Nothing is Terrible...


More Animal Attacks Outside of Town
Tom McLowry and four other men were attacked near the Old Nugget Mine. Evidence points toward the men being attacked by wolves, like other animal attacks in the area.

Deputy Marshall Spence Walker and two others were attacked just outside of town.

Folks, please be SAFE. Even groups of trained professionals have failed to protect themselves. Do not stray outside of town at night unless absolutely necessary. If you hear the hounds howling, stay indoors.

Frank McLowry Found Dead at Old Man Angus’s Home
Three newcomers alerted Marshall White to the body of a man in Angus’s house. Angus is missing and is the lead suspect in this murder. The three strangers will remain in town until the case has been investigated further.

Other News:

Train Robbery Outside of Tombstone
The Bayou Vermillion train due in from El Paso was robbed on its way to Tombstone. Dozens of passengers were dead, including Captain Travers from the Confederate Army.


Spence Walker
Frank McLowry
Tom McLowry

The Bear River Recorder
Bear River Canyon, Kansas


Mayor Marshall MacMillan died two evenings ago. He fell down a flight of stairs and broke his neck. His memorial service will be at the Drooling Dog Saloon this afternoon.

Trevor Blake died from disembowelment.


Cleatus Owens, a man wanted in Chicago for arson, robbery, and assault, was discovered by a Pinkerton and shot in self-defense. Owens was masquerading as a traveler from South Carolina under the alias Mack Ray Jennings. The Pinkerton, Wilson Sharpe, discovered Owens’s identity. The stolen $10,000 remains undiscovered.

Local News

There has been a cave-in at the abandoned mines. Locals are encouraged to stay clear of that area; especially all entrances. Please remind your children that the mines are a dangerous place and that they should not go near them.


Jack Haggarty and his daughter, Aiyanna, have decided to move to Quivira in the Coyote Confederation.

The Perry Post

The Perry Post
Perry, OK

About mid-day on Saturday, there was a rumble in the alley. A Chinaman cut off the arms of two local herders. The suspect, Shiro Toyotami, is at large and the Marshall issued a reward for bringing him in.

Clayton Morroway and his wife, Mrs. Morroway, who have been visiting our humble town whilst overseeing the completion of the railway, left abruptly last night after an explosion at the bridge that would have connected to the Coyote Confederation lands. The setback likely cost the Black River Railroad Company a fortune and is suspected to be sabotage by the bandits who have been raiding the supply route. No word yet on if the company will give in, as this project has had a lot of bad luck and many unfortunate delays.

Town News
Little Tommy went missing. He was the fifth child in five months to disappear. An out of town Indian woman, goes by the way of Aia Nita, found him in the woods. The boy was seriously wounded and claimed Mrs. Morroway stabbed him and the Indian woman rescued him. Tommy is in good condition, but doc will see to his hysterics. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Grave Business
The Cravendale Chronicle

Pinkerton Wilson Sharpe was ambushed on the road from Wichita. He and his fellow Pinkertons were on their way to Little Rock when they were attacked and robbed in the Coyote Confederation territory. The Dinwiddie Gang rigged an explosion to take them out. Only Sharpe survived the attack. He met a Choctaw native, Aia Nita, who doctored him up and the two made their way to Cravendale for safety.

Sharpe and Aia Nita helped Marshall Amos defeat an abomination created by Doc Lacey. He had sewn together body parts to re-animate his dead son, murdered by the Dinwiddie Gang. The monster had kidnapped a woman and put up a darn good fight.

Local man, known associate of the Dinwiddie Gang has gone missing. The last persons to speak with him were Wilson Sharpe and Aia Nita.

Be on the Lookout:
It was reported that the Dinwiddie Gang were attacked in the night and abandoned their hideout. The gang is at large.

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