Fear Itself

Grave Business

The Cravendale Chronicle

Pinkerton Wilson Sharpe was ambushed on the road from Wichita. He and his fellow Pinkertons were on their way to Little Rock when they were attacked and robbed in the Coyote Confederation territory. The Dinwiddie Gang rigged an explosion to take them out. Only Sharpe survived the attack. He met a Choctaw native, Aia Nita, who doctored him up and the two made their way to Cravendale for safety.

Sharpe and Aia Nita helped Marshall Amos defeat an abomination created by Doc Lacey. He had sewn together body parts to re-animate his dead son, murdered by the Dinwiddie Gang. The monster had kidnapped a woman and put up a darn good fight.

Local man, known associate of the Dinwiddie Gang has gone missing. The last persons to speak with him were Wilson Sharpe and Aia Nita.

Be on the Lookout:
It was reported that the Dinwiddie Gang were attacked in the night and abandoned their hideout. The gang is at large.


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