Fear Itself

Tombstone Epitaph: Issue 01

Nothing is Terrible...


More Animal Attacks Outside of Town
Tom McLowry and four other men were attacked near the Old Nugget Mine. Evidence points toward the men being attacked by wolves, like other animal attacks in the area.

Deputy Marshall Spence Walker and two others were attacked just outside of town.

Folks, please be SAFE. Even groups of trained professionals have failed to protect themselves. Do not stray outside of town at night unless absolutely necessary. If you hear the hounds howling, stay indoors.

Frank McLowry Found Dead at Old Man Angus’s Home
Three newcomers alerted Marshall White to the body of a man in Angus’s house. Angus is missing and is the lead suspect in this murder. The three strangers will remain in town until the case has been investigated further.

Other News:

Train Robbery Outside of Tombstone
The Bayou Vermillion train due in from El Paso was robbed on its way to Tombstone. Dozens of passengers were dead, including Captain Travers from the Confederate Army.


Spence Walker
Frank McLowry
Tom McLowry


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