Fear Itself

The Perry Post

The Perry Post
Perry, OK

About mid-day on Saturday, there was a rumble in the alley. A Chinaman cut off the arms of two local herders. The suspect, Shiro Toyotami, is at large and the Marshall issued a reward for bringing him in.

Clayton Morroway and his wife, Mrs. Morroway, who have been visiting our humble town whilst overseeing the completion of the railway, left abruptly last night after an explosion at the bridge that would have connected to the Coyote Confederation lands. The setback likely cost the Black River Railroad Company a fortune and is suspected to be sabotage by the bandits who have been raiding the supply route. No word yet on if the company will give in, as this project has had a lot of bad luck and many unfortunate delays.

Town News
Little Tommy went missing. He was the fifth child in five months to disappear. An out of town Indian woman, goes by the way of Aia Nita, found him in the woods. The boy was seriously wounded and claimed Mrs. Morroway stabbed him and the Indian woman rescued him. Tommy is in good condition, but doc will see to his hysterics. We wish him a speedy recovery.


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