Fear Itself

The Bear River Recorder

Bear River Canyon, Kansas


Mayor Marshall MacMillan died two evenings ago. He fell down a flight of stairs and broke his neck. His memorial service will be at the Drooling Dog Saloon this afternoon.

Trevor Blake died from disembowelment.


Cleatus Owens, a man wanted in Chicago for arson, robbery, and assault, was discovered by a Pinkerton and shot in self-defense. Owens was masquerading as a traveler from South Carolina under the alias Mack Ray Jennings. The Pinkerton, Wilson Sharpe, discovered Owens’s identity. The stolen $10,000 remains undiscovered.

Local News

There has been a cave-in at the abandoned mines. Locals are encouraged to stay clear of that area; especially all entrances. Please remind your children that the mines are a dangerous place and that they should not go near them.


Jack Haggarty and his daughter, Aiyanna, have decided to move to Quivira in the Coyote Confederation.



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